Principles of Auto Suggestion

It is said of old times that your thoughts shape your world. You become what you think about the most. While this is true but it lacks clarity and completion. Because if ONLY thoughts could lead people to ALL riches, then who would work hard? Correct? But here’s the catch – most people who work hard in life lack clarity in thoughts, lack clarity in laser precision focus & in their final destination.
Then autosuggestion, as a word, came about. It refers to the positive feelings and words that are consistently supposed to be used by people to change their paradigms. Now you might ask – ‘what is a paradigm?’. These can be referred to as thoughts and habits that are embedded deep within the subconscious mind. It is due to the paradigms that people are being able to do 90% of their daily tasks. For example, a task as risky as driving a car – observe next time when you travel that while driving, there is some Higher Power that is driving the car while your mind takes a trip onto multiple issues in your life.

Let’s see as to how we can create a new paradigm:

Step #1 – Identify your Desires

As shared above, we need to be overly clear about our desires in life. Now, there can be two desires that flash across the screen of our mind:
a) The first is a desire being driven by materialism,
b) The second is a desire being driven by true emotions and feelings. THIS is what we want to pursue and bring in to reality.

Step #2 – Speak in the Present

Speak in the “I” form. Speak about your dreams and goals in the present form. For example, if you are pursuing your Engineering degree and your dream is to get into a company of repute, then rather than being doubtful and worried about competition, speak with complete confidence that – “I am working in [Company Name]. I have got my dream job. I will work to the best of my ability to make it work”.

Step #3 – Meditate

On a daily basis, spare about 15 minutes to meditate upon your dreams. There are two prerequisites to it –
a) You must identify a location that is free of interruptions and distractions, &
b) You must calm your mind so that you are at peace during those 15 minutes.

Step #4 – Getting over Obstacles

Once you meditate, negative thoughts will try to enter your mind and oppose what you are affirming. At that moment, be relaxed and smile and try to get back to your affirmations. Even if you ponder over those negative thoughts for 5 seconds, the entire process of 15 minutes will take a hit and it will yield no results as far as changing your paradigms is concerned.


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